Food for Life

“I wish to live in a peaceful non- violent world; therefore I am vegan”

All of the food served at the Little Cyprus Retreat is 100% plant-based and consciously made with love. We do our best to eat seasonally and use locally grown produce. We love to visit our weekly organic market and use a small local family-run Hydroponics farm to choose the best for our dishes. The sustainable farm uses no chemicals, fertilizers and recycles the water to produce some of the tastiest leaves and herbs we have ever had.


Due to the warm climate, Cyprus is never short of fresh produce, its grown thoughout the year especially potatoes, courgettes, aubergines and the tomatoes are deliciously sweet from all the sun. Many fruits are also grown in abundance such as apples, grapefruits, lemons, pomegranates and of course olives. Each year, our own olive trees provide enough olives for us to press locally and we use the virgin oil in our dishes.


A previous meat eater and lover of all things deep fried, since 2017 Dan has removed all animal products from his diet and is healthier for it. He still loves to deep fry things and experiment with meat alternatives such as Seitan and Tofu. He has a gift and talent for making something out of ‘not much’ and he is always conscious to use up any leftovers. He hates wasting food.

Dan does all the cooking and preparation with my help. Inspiration for his dishes comes from our travels all over the world and where needed, he has learnt to adapt them to a plant-based recipe, using dairy or meat alternatives. Dan will prove that by removing animal products from the dish, it does not mean it will be tasteless, especially his love of traditional Cypriot food.

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During the week you will have the pleasure of tasting some of these delightful dishes. This is true soul food.

Our menu changes with the seasons but is always plant-based, 100% vegan and can be adapted to allergies, tastes and desires.


Locally grown- citrus fruit, carrot, coconut and ginger boost

Selection of local fruit, avocado and muesli, cereal and yoghurt.  Freshly baked bread, homemade preserves and spreads


Scrambled tofu on cornbread with roasted local tomatoes and crispy kale.

Buckwheat pancakes with vanilla infused yoghurt, blueberries and maple syrup 

Village beans on sour dough 

Banana, date and peanut butter bread

Mexican “egg free” omelette 

Mushrooms and spinach on toast


(at extra charge but can also be made to take with you on your day trips)

Roasted vegetables, herb salad & hummus wrap

Tempeh satay & Asian salad

Chargrilled aubergine & pomegranate quinoa salad with pistachio & mint dressing

Cashew feta & Greek salad in pitta with tahini

Egg free rainbow quiche with broccoli slaw



Msemen & Harrisa

Homebaked focaccia with garlic aioli & olives 

Papadums & chutneys
Pitta and dips – Soy yoghurt tzatziki, Hummus, Tahini, Baba ghanoush, Muhammara &
Oregano, oil, village toast & tapenade  
Thai crispy crackers & homemade sweet chilli sauce
Spinach and cashew ricotta borek and spicy tomato sauce 
Beetroot arancini with a spiced beetroot carpaccio and local sorrel and rocket salad 
Broccoli tiki with corriander dressing
Cauliflower pakora and mint dip
Beetroot arancini with a spiced beetroot carpaccio and local sorrel and rocket salad
Dolmades with hummus and almond pesto 
Thyme Polenta with charred tomatoes and basil
Thai marinated tofu wrapped in potato string with a pickled salad
Chickpea and sumac roasted tagine, flatbreads & fattoush salad
Pepper mushroom tagliatelle with lemon thyme, chilli & basil.
Sri Lankan jackfruit curry, Spinach and lentil Dahl, Beetroot curry & 
Moussaka ,Village salad and Caramelised cauliflower salad
BBQ mixed vegetables kebabs & Elote, Garlic & Rosemary domino potatoes 
Garden tomato & basil salad
Butternut squash & sweet potato red curry with jasmine rice
Moroccan Meskouta orange & lemon cake with grand mariner cream 
Caramelised pineapple & mango ice-cream
Baklava with poached pear & vanilla creme fraiche 
Baked tofu passion fruit cheesecake with balsamic macerated strawberries
Coconut panna cotta with a raspberry coulis & ginger crumb.
Cyprus is famous for its BBQ’d food.
Our leaves are the tastiest, Guaranteed!
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Fresh food and a new perspective is sometimes all you need.

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Dan’s baked cashew and tofu passion-fruit cheesecake is always a hit.