About us

Hello and welcome to the Little Cyprus Retreat

I am Caroline and the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus has been home to my family for the last 20 years, a place I constantly return to, seeking out peace and stillness when regular life becomes a little too much. My partner Daniel of 15 years is an artist, photographer and an amazing vegan cook.


We haven’t always been yoga enthusiasts and eco-warrior vegans. I come from a career in property and Daniel telecoms! A couple of years ago, both discontent with our jobs in London and only doing what we loved part-time, we decided to pack up and go travelling.

Our passions have taken us all over the world. We have travelled through Iceland, Jordan, India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and finally Singapore. After eight months we returned with a deep desire to continue to share our knowledge of yoga and vegan living. Cyprus once again offered us the stillness and space to reflect on what was important and how we wanted to live. After some soul-searching, we decided we needed to create a space for both and so…. the “Little Cyprus Retreat” was born.

Our vegan lifestyle has been a gradual process. I gave up meat five years ago and turned vegan a year later. My love for animals was the original reason, extending my compassion to all living creatures. Dan soon saw the benefits after educating himself on the industry, how it impacts the animals, the environment and our health. We don’t judge others; we only hope people remain open-minded to learning, so that they can make an informed decision. Most people that join us at the retreat aren’t vegan, some leave vegan and some leave full of inspiration and recipes to help them move over to a plant-based life when they are ready.


What we offer is how we live. We practice yoga (most days), we eat vegan food (sometimes junk food), we love wine, coffee, chocolate, late night granola eating, deep conversations, snapping photos, dog walking and music. Animals are our friends and plastic is our enemy!


We would love to welcome you into our world, show you what your body can do rather than focus on what it can’t, stimulate your taste buds and surprise you with how good vegan food can be. Above all, our aim is to offer our guests the space to do as little or as much as they wish and to leave with a renewed sense of wellness and direction for their future.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Caroline & Dan


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